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home watch - "a visual inspection of a home or property, looking for obvious issues"

With Kingdom Care, you will find everything you need to ensure your property is being looked after in your absence. Whether you are away for an extended period and need regular check-ins or you are just out for a short vacation and want to make sure your plants are watered we can set up a customized plan to accommodate your needs.


Determine your needs

Let’s schedule a time to meet, free of charge, where I can see the property and learn your specific needs. During this meeting we will discuss your questions and go over the various services we provide. This is the first step towards creating the perfect Kingdom Care plan for you.

Your checklist

Regularly scheduled visit to ensure property remains in order while you are away. We confirm all items on our comprehensive checklist and submit the report to you after every visit. If issues arise you are welcome to make arrangements on you own or utilize our concierge services and trusted maintenance partners for a stress-free resolution.

rental maintenance

This service is for those of you who utilize your property as a vacation rental while you are away. We will schedule an inspection in between the check out and check in of your guests to ensure the cleaning services* have been carried out, all item on our inspection checklist are in order, and any necessary items are re-stocked for the next guests.


*Cleaning services can be scheduled on your own or you can utilize our trusted partners for a one stop solution.

maintenance concierge

If something goes wrong with your property while you are away, we can alleviate the stress of having to schedule someone to come out and handle it. We have a network of trusted professionals ready to take care of any issues that may arise. We will schedule the visits and repairs for you and have someone present during the maintenance to ensure everything goes smoothly. You will receive regular updates so you can keep your stress to a minimum.

What We Can Do For You

Reach Out to Schedule a Free Consultation

Or Call Us:  123-456-7890

About Kingdom Care

Your kingdom is safe with us.

Originally from a small town outside of St. Louis, MO Brennan and Lauren Sanders moved to Phoenix in 2015 and have fallen in love with the city and its people. Both have a passion for home improvement and are always looking for new projects to do around the house. Brennan will bring the experience he has gained from maintaining and remodeling homes to caring for yours.


Before starting Kingdom Care Brennan was a sommelier and manager for a local winery. Though his priorities have shifted to helping the seasonal and vacation rental homeowners of the valley he still loves the AZ wine industry and can often be found visiting the local tasting rooms. If you have a wine cellar you worry about while away, rest assured Brennan will look after your collection as if it was his own.

Lauren is an amazingly talented stylist whose passion and skill has taken her all the way to New York where her work could be seen on the runways during fashion week. If you ask her though she far prefers doing hair and building relationships with her local regulars at her salon in North Phoenix.

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